February 23, 2019    
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  About KHPB :: Roster

About  | Roster  |  History

For more information on becoming a member of our organization, please visit the join KHPB page.

Active Roster

2019 Executive Officers

   Colin Merry President
   Larry Koch Music Director
   Inge Merry Quartermaster
   Colleen Salmi Treasurer
   Kiki Bentzen Secretary
   Todd Ray Band Manager
   Liz Dunsire Education Director
   Tim Hutchinson Member-at-Large
2019 Parade Officers

   Larry Koch    Pipe Major
   Alison Dunsire   Pipe Sergeant
   Liz Dunsire   Pipe Corporal
   Greg MacDonald   Drum Sergeant
   Tim Flanagan   Drum Corporal

   Dave Barber Pipes
   Garrett Bargabos Pipes
   Alison Dunsire Pipes
   Liz Dunsire Pipes
   Matt Fleek Pipes
   John Fogarty Pipes
   Connor Francis Pipes
   Tim Hutchinson Pipes
   Larry Koch Pipes
   Alec MacKay Pipes
   John MacMaster Pipes
   Michael Martin Pipes
   Aedan McCall Pipes
   Chris McCaulley Pipes
   Jim McKnight Pipes
   Gary McMillan Pipes
   Colin Merry Pipes
   Mary Mickelsen Pipes
   Chris Newton Pipes
   Graeme Parnell Pipes
   Dane Petrakis Pipes
   Todd Ray Pipes
   Hannah Rotta Pipes
   Marie Salmi Pipes
   Helen Sanders Pipes
   Daniel Stewart Pipes
   Matthew Swigart Pipes
   Patrick Teffs Pipes
   Denny Weber Pipes
   Anne Willey Pipes

   Kiki Bentzen Side
   Beth Dietrich Side
   Tim Flanagan Side
   Steve Hutchinson Bass
   Josh Lewis Side
   Greg MacDonald Side
   Colleen Mahan Bass
   Sean Manning Side
   Curt Maslen Side
   Inge Merry Tenor
   Calum Merry Side
   Doris O'Connor Tenor
   Leisl Petrakis Tenor
   Colleen Salmi Side
   Veronica Sayer Side
   Ken Williams Side

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